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Its was amazing it saved me time to set one up and it was exactly what I had in mind. Thank you
Kenny Ngoo
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I didn’t think a budget sheet would actually help, but seeing my expenses and income all laid out with the relevant information really helped me understand what I was spending the most unnecessary money on and gosh did I wish I started budgeting and doing my spread sheets a lot earlier. 10/10 great work Michael
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It was very easy to use. just plug in the numbers and done
Jerica Thornton
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Great tracking sheet, makes it easy to understand where my money is going
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Just started to use the spreadsheet. So far very easy to use and enjoyed the video to explain everything.
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New to budgeting and this is SUPER easy to use! Very helpful and well-made for an easy user experience! I would highly recommend it for any new the budgeting world.
Janine Rodriguez
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Really helpful to manage my finances
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I love the product/service so much. A very detailed spreadsheet on budgeting and an excellent overview of how to use it. Would highly recommend it!
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Thanks heaps for this Mike! Simplifying things in this day and age is the key, and you've done it.
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Very good spreadsheet, easy to use.
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Easy to use, just what we wanted!
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I love it I saw it from instagram and it is very helpful
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Love that Michael provides a tutorial video with this spreadsheet!


3-in-1 Monthly Budget Tracker Bundle Deal


Wish you could save faster to start investing or go on that holiday? Or are you living paycheck to paycheck and struggling with debt?

This 3 in 1 Budget Tracker Bundle is for you.

Grow your savings, emergency funds, & investments with my easy to use tools. Personally when I started my budgeting journey, I saved $300 in my first month, then $800, and even $2000 a month after using these money tools.

Even millionaires know where their money is going… it’s time for you to get started. Happy budgeting!


Debt Destroyer Tracker

Struggling with bad, crippling debt? Missing your payments and your debt is slowly snowballing / compounding?

This Debt Destroyer Tracker is for you.

Reduce your debt time, prioritise different debt repayments based on: Interest rates, minimum repayments and level of importance. View how many months/years you can save by increasing monthly repayments.

It’s time to be transparent of your debt and take charge of your life. Start your journey to become debt free today. 

for busy, non-tech, & visual business owners

Ultimate Business Financial Tracker & Bookkeeping

Do you know how much profit your business is making each month and year? Or do you struggle to keep track with expenses and set aside money for Taxes and GST/VAT/SALES TAX?💰

You must be thinking – Surely there’s a simpler way to manage my business financial health than using complex accounting software… 

This is why I’ve created the Ultimate Small Business Financial Tracker & Book Keeping.

Made to be extremely user-friendly, easy to use, and perfect for visual learners. Perfect for small to medium businesses.

Never feel overwhelmed with bookkeeping ever again. Instead, feel empowered by your numbers and make smarter business decisions today.


4-in-1 Property Investment Calculator

Want to be a smart property investor based on numbers and not emotions? Don’t make these mistakes by not doing your due diligence before investing. At the end of the day, it’s all about the NUMBERS💰

Calculate and compare property investments with different upfront costs, ongoing costs, investment returns and more!

Made to be extremely user-friendly, easy to use, and perfect for visual learners. Feel empowered by knowing your numbers and make smarter Investment decisions be it your first or 10th investment property.

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