My Story

From living paycheck-to-paycheck to a life of financial freedom (without keeping up with the Joneses)

How It All Began...

Hi guys! My name is Michael. You may have found your way onto this page from seeing my videos on social media. I started my journey to financial freedom when I turned 18 and opened my first shares account. Since then, I have made countless mistakes and lost thousands of $$$$ due to the lack of financial education.

However, after countless hours of trial and error, researching online, and learning from successful individuals, I have learnt the core principles and developed systems to achieve financial success.

Being an Asian migrant where money matters were never discussed, I lived paycheck to paycheck. Ashamed, I kept this a secret and put up a facade so no one knew I was struggling.

Something needed to Change

After graduating from university, I thought to myself there is more to life than constantly living in fear and anxiety about my future. This led to my shift in focus to learning more about self-development, stocks, property investing, and business.

I was in a new headspace and saw money as a tool rather than being my master. Soon after, I started believing in myself and switched jobs which doubled my salary. Then, I started different businesses to increase my income and earning capacity, thus creating investment opportunities. 

Within 1.5 years of making these changes, I was able to help my family out of our financial struggles. We changed the trajectory of our lives and became financially “free”.

No more bad debt, luxury spending to keep up with the Joneses, living paycheck to paycheck… and best of all… no more living in fear of my future.

A life of freedom🙌🏻

As a family, we started making better financial decisions and worked as a united team. Money became a tool that empowered my family and I to live a life of true freedom.

My life’s mission is to help others avoid the painful and expensive mistakes I’ve been through. I believe in education and changing mindsets around money to help enable YOU to achieve your financial goals. 

I may not know your situation nor can I give financial advice, but I believe it is possible to change your financial situation with education and mindset.

I hope you enjoy my content. Feel free to explore my services or money tools that allow me to create more free educational content.

– Michael

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